Karen L Dixon - Pencil portraits from your photos.

As a portrait artist of people and their pets, my goal is to take a vision out of my or someone else’s head and bring it into the material world. To do this, I like to know or create a story for my subjects. Knowing the story and feelings behind them makes it possible to capture the perfect pose or expression.

My work is done in color pencil so I can create a realistic look that still allows the medium to show through. After all, what’s the point of putting hours into a piece if the hand of the artist can’t be seen when it’s complete?

I have spent years developing my style and process. With a combination of photographs, stories and life models, I bring the relationships between people and their pets to paper. Each new portrait adds something to me and my work. Please enjoy my website and contact me if you have a story that needs to be put to paper.

Karen L Dixon